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Online consulting sessions


What is your passion, your place, your need? In our individual sessions we will work on your self awareness and see you as a complete person.  

We start from the past and then the present and future you in order to create your vision about yourself, your job, your passion.

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The thematics we approach are: Online teaching methods, Online teaching tools, Structuring online classes, How to make online teaching more attractive, How to evaluate, Hybrid teaching and How to organize myself.

Teaching methods

Teaching staff will learn new teaching methods to better prepare youth for the future, in online but also in class. Based on school needs, teachers will learn how to use online tools at their own classes.

Better prepared teachers

With new working methods and having a propper structure for either an online, physical or hybrid class, teachers gain more confidence and will better prepare youth for their own class.


The course is two hours long and is organized in an online format on ZOOM.


Once we decide which thematics to approach, the training session is personalized to your school.


We work online

through new methods

As a trainer of non-formal education I believe in the power of games, inspiration and energy. My consulting sessions are the perfect space for exploration as we work with different tools and methods that help you organize the chaos in your mind and start working on the future you, the real you, the passionate you. 


Reimagine Education! In this space, you will learn differently and start your own journey that brings you closer to your passion and that spark in your eyes.

This was the first webinar I participated and did not feel like wasting time.

This is the first course I truly enjoyed and felt to have learned new things

Interactive, dynamic. Learned how to use new tools and methods. I enjoyed it

It was a challenge for me. I needed something new in my relation with my students. I felt that the routine in my class has become boring and this helped me a lot!

The most efficient online courses are yours. Thank you for the great deal of applications you have shared with us.

I now have 6 lesson intros already prepared. I cannot wait to see my students online tomorrow.

I only learned lnew things that I can't wait to apply to class.

A very useful course. A map through the new cosmos of online teaching.

What participants say about the program


A future together

I really wish for us to collaborate on programs, concepts and solutions that bring a new perspective on education.

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