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Online consulting sessions


What is your passion, your place, your need? In our individual sessions we will work on your self awareness and see you as a complete person.  

We start from the past and then the present and future you in order to create your vision about yourself, your job, your passion.


I work with

New employees

If you are now in your first job and feel that something is not for you, take the courage to understand yourself better and find your passion. You will create a vision for you and work on real steps to accomplish what you want. 


The new generation brings new developments and challenges, and as a manager I can help you organize the chaos. We work together on present challenges and find applicable solutions. 


Recruiting new talents is different today and supporting the new generation with new tools and methods of education is more than essential.  I can help you better create your recruiting plan through tangible actions. 


If you want to prepare for the future and you do now know where to start, what is your passion and where do you fit, you can start your journey now. 

What do we do together


We work online

through new methods

As a trainer of non-formal education I believe in the power of games, inspiration and energy. My consulting sessions are the perfect space for exploration as we work with different tools and methods that help you organize the chaos in your mind and start working on the future you, the real you, the passionate you. 


Reimagine Education! In this space, you will learn differently and start your own journey that brings you closer to your passion and that spark in your eyes.

Individual sessions

The individual session takes one hour and it is scheduled online. 

All the meetings are scheduled based on your own journey, they can be weekly or monthly

Take your courage and book a session now. 

Students' Program

I am working with students for 8 years in preparing them for the future jobs they have.

The program includes 3 sessions of 60 minutes each that will help you prepare for your first job starting from what you love and like. The total cost for all 3 sessions is 300 Ron.

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Bogdan Petrovai Blitz.jpg

Mădălina has a special energy, a different one. 


Through her methods and style of consulting, she managed to create for me a context of reflection where I could identify in a relatively short time (6 hours) a lot of new directions, understandings and actions that are really useful for me, with a great impact on my self development.


I recommend her for all who look new and fresh perspectives for older problems. 

Bogdan Petrovai

Chief Sales Manager


DAiana Sauca Blitz Testimonial.jpg

The consulting sessions with Mădălina helped me find my own answers to the questions and situations I had at my job, as a manager, colleague, employee.  


From Mădălina I've learned what a great difference can make an argument and better communicate with my colleagues and understand them by taking into consideration the DISC personalities, active listening and `the other perspective`, without letting my ego to intervene for a contra-argument. 

Mădălina guided me to have a clear vision of what I want to do on a professional level, she was a guide, a mentor and a `sunny presence`. I thank you for all these and more! 

Daiana Săuca

Chief Brand Officer

Blitz VIP

A future together

I really wish for us to collaborate on programs, concepts and solutions that bring a new perspective on education.

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